JASA  (John A. Shutsa & Associates, Inc) family owned, has been serving the mining, construction and ashalt industry Worldwide since 1989.    JASA's reputation in the construction industry has made them successfull in serving customers throughout the world.  JASA continues to buy and sell quality used construction, mining and asphalt equipment to help their customers reduce the expense of new equipment.

RUSSELL STANDARD  family owned,  was founded in Pensylvania in 1929.  Russell Standard  employs over 350 workers servicing virtually every municipality in the region. Russell Standard offers both new construction and maintenance of virtually any asphalt-related project, from private driveways to interstate highways. Additionally, Russell Standard is a manufacturer of asphalt materials, emulsions and coatings in PA, OH, NC, MD and VA.

JASA ASPHALT MATERIALS / RUSSELL STANDARD was formed in 2001, combining the values, hard work and vision of two successfull families to bring quality asphalt emulsion and cutbacks into the Ohio market.  Their vision has made them a leader in the emulsion industry.  Working with State and Local Muninciplaities, large and small private contractors, JASA Asphalt Materials / Russell Standard have focused their efforts on working with their customers to better serve their needs.   Helping Ohio pave the way to a stronger future.  

JASA Asphalt Materials / Russell Standard's dedication to the needs of the industry is demonstrated by our willingness to serve our customer's needs.  When Industrial customers needed emulsion, throughout the winter months, JASA Asphalt Materials / Russell Standard answered the call!  Since 2001, material has been produced year round to help the roofing, waterproofing and lubrication industry meet their material needs.